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Hanfu - The gorgeous chinese traditional clothing
July 26th, 2008 Clocky

Hanfu Hanfu The major people of China is Han race, and the traditional clothing of Han is the Hanfu. It refers to the historical dress of the Han Chinese people, which was worn for millennia before the conquest by the Manchus and the establishment of the Qing Dynasty in 1644.

Its best peculiarity is loose, big cuff and no use of fastener or slide fastener. And it is a fabulously fashionable multicolored garment.

weemee.com People consider the Chinese Cheongsam(Qipao) as the Chinese traditonal clothing. But there is somehow misunderstanding. When the Manchu established and ruled China in the Qing Dynasty, certain social strata emerged. The Qing's emperor even interfere in Han race's clothing. All people had been forced to wear the clothing of Man People(The majors of the Qing dynasty) Hanfu was permitted to wear only in the temple such as Taoism. Many chinese have a dim recollection of the Hanfu, since the Qing dynasty was the last empire of the China.

Many East Asian and Southeast Asian national costumes, such as the Japanese kimono, the Korean hanbok and the Vietnamese áo tứ thân, all show influences from Hanfu, as historically these countries were part of the Sinosphere. Even though Western style clothing overwhelms all over the world, more and more people have cognizance of Hanfu with the economic development.

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