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E-Stars Seoul 2008 competition for game maniacs
July 31th, 2008 WeeMee

weemee.com Unlike previous e-sports competitions, E-Stars Seoul 2008 was an intercontinental championship, something new in the world of competitive gaming. The event, which ran from July 24-27, was broadcast in 185 countries. The games was broadcasted in Korean, English and Chinese. There was about 150 million viewers accessing to watch the competition.

E-sports competitors from all over the world competed in well-known games such as WarCraft III and Counter-Strike. Gamers who participated in the two games had been selected by 260,000 game fans across 40 countries via Internet voting.

The purpose of this event is to promote and globalize Korean games. For students who are on summer vacation, parties themed with games such as Huxley, a shooter game, and KartRider, a racing game, was hosted throughout the game competition. The event was not limited to professional gamers but was open to anyone interested in games.

Many other gaming-related events also was held. The E-Party session allowed anyone to play games, while a game theme park was opened, all with the goal of establishing gaming as an cultural activity.

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